Cara Delevingne Leads Geek Chic In Chanel’s 2016 S/S Eyewear Campaign.

Chanel ‘s  2016 S/S Eyewear Campaign has Cara Delevingne,the model-turned actress pose its latest eyewear collections.Photographed by designer Karl Lagerfeld, the cool model looks more comfortable in front of the camera than ever.

From sunglasses to everyday spectacles,Karl Lagerfeld interprets  the geek chic the brand has been aspiring to achieve from different kinds of perspectives. She is leading another fashion trend forward,effortlessly as  ever.


Cara Delevingne is wearing Chanel’s 2016 latest eyewear collections.


Chanel’s 2016 S/S Eyewear Campaign-1.


Chanel’s 2016 S/S Eyewear Campaign-2.

14Chanel’s 2016 S/S Eyewear Campaign-3.



Different Eyes,Different Lives–Giorgio Armani ‘s “Frames Of Life” Advertising Campaign.

Unlike the routine fashion brand’s advertising campaigns which feature famous models and stunning accessories,Giorgio Armani ‘s  “Frames Of Life” Advertising Clip has  aroused a lot of attention in the eyewear industry with its unique content and photography angle.

This fashion brand has tried to interpret the eyewear fashion from the daily life’s perspective,infusing the untouchable aesthetic pursuit into material reality.In the video,five person existing in different kinds of industry are invited to tell their stories: designer,dancer,food blogger,filmmaker and Rodeo girl. The  respective eyewears  they  choose to some extent represents their precious live moments and their conception for  beauty,thus constructing this special “Frames Of  Life”.


People in “Frames Of  Life”.


To the designer,the eyewear  frame of life is to be inspired from the nature, to imitate and follow the instinct,thus creating and innovating beauty.


The food blogger says: ” the joy of life lies in the process of cooking”.


“The harmonious posture and elegant dancing movements  are the ultimate beauty for me”,to the dancer, the beauty is to dance.


Thom Browne’s 2016 Spring/Summer Sunglasses Feature Classic American Style!

Handcrafted in Japan  and made out of greatest acetate, titanium materials,Thom Browne’s 2016 Spring/Summer Sunglasses finally makes it grand debut. As a well-known American fashion brand,Thom Browne is adept at infusing American aesthetic into its eyewear line. The new sunglasses frames are no exception. With  iconic triple color in temple bottom, each pair plays American classic style at its fingertip,ideal addition for your whole modern  summer look.

Check a few  images of Thom Browne’s 2016 Spring/Summer Sunglasses Advertising Campaign out below.


Thom Browne’s 2016 Spring/Summer Sunglasses  Advertising Campaign.


Thom Browne’s 2016 Spring/Summer Sunglasses-1.


Thom Browne’s 2016 Spring/Summer Sunglasses-2.


Thom Browne’s 2016 Spring/Summer Sunglasses-3.


Thom Browne’s 2016 Spring/Summer Sunglasses-4.


Thom Browne’s 2016 Spring/Summer Sunglasses-5.

Hugo Boss’s 2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Advertising Campaign Focuses On Concision and Elitism.

Super  models Rianne van Rompaey and Clément Chabernaud made  their mutual appearance in Hugo Boss’s  2016 Spring/Summer  Eyewear Advertising Campaign . This time, the Germany  state-of-the-art eyewear brand focuses  on Concision and Elitism. The whole clip features black,white and grey color, extricating fancy and exaggeration ,a wonderful interpretation of the brand’s pursuit after simplicity. Hugo Boss’s brand new eyewear collections perfectly explains why a suitable pair of eyewear can take your whole look to a next better level.

Check  out a few  images of Hugo Boss’s  2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Advertising Campaign below.


Hugo Boss’s  2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Advertising Campaign-1.


Hugo Boss’s  2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Advertising Campaign-2.


Hugo Boss’s  2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Advertising Campaign-3.


Hugo Boss’s  2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Advertising Campaign-4.


Hugo Boss’s  2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Advertising Campaign-5.

Super Sunglasses Officially Releases Its Summer 2016 ‘Solid Liquid’ Collection.

Super Sunglasses once again defend  its leading position in the eyewear industry. This time, it is with the Summer 2016 ‘Solid Liquid’ Collection. Blending old school and new,the new collections feature an assortment of colors and materials.At the same time, some vibrantly fresh shades are also being yielded.

Check the below ‘Solid Liquid’ Collection  out!


Super Sunglasses Officially Releases Its Summer 2016 ‘Solid Liquid’ Collection.


‘Solid Liquid’ Collection-1.


‘Solid Liquid’ Collection-2.


‘Solid Liquid’ Collection-3.


‘Solid Liquid’ Collection-4.

Meet Me In Dubai-Deepika Poses For Vogue Eyewear’s SS16 Campaign.

Vogue Eyewear has just  launched  its SS16 campaign with Bollywood sweetie -Deepika starring stunningly. This time,they choose the collaboration to be photographed at Dubai, a mysterious place combining the modernism,aestheticism and female  characteristics perfectly together, which to some extent caters to the role of Vogue Eyewear: a tailored brand for women who have never-ceasing aspiration for fashion.

It is imperative that the women travel  in styles when they initiate their journey, at least the Vogue Eyewear women do, especially the travel destination is the dazzling pearl of the Middle East: Dubai. In the 6 campaign images,Deepika rambles her journey across this gorgeous city wearing latest,fashionable Vogue Eyewear,dressed in passionate,bright-colored costumes,finally presenting us an extravagant visual feast of luxury,fashion culture and modern styles.


Follow Deepika to have a taste of Dubai by glamping in the desert lousily.








Experience the adventure and maintain style while riding a desert safari with Deepika.


Be a Vogue Eyewear Women seeking the fashion out just like Deepika.


Travel  in style to Dubai with Vogue Eyewear!


Stussy Reveals 2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Lookbook.

To better stand out and further  noticed by its potential customers,Stussy, the well-known streetwear stalwart has revealed its 2016 spring/summer eyewear lookbooks. The new eyewears  have inherited  the brand’s usual brand images:understated and simple.The  eyewear frames feature modernism and innovation ,available in a variety of colors, such as calm black and semi-transparent tortoise shell embellished with  fades to some extent. Stussy’s spring/summer new  eyewear are priced at $125–$165 and available  on their online shop.

Take  an intimate look at the brand-new eyewear lookbooks  presented  below.


Stussy 2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Lookbook-1


Stussy 2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Lookbook-2


Stussy 2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Lookbook-3


Stussy 2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Lookbook-4

MASAHIROMARUYAMA x the WAREHOUSE optical Debut Their Jointly Model Eyewear!

The WAREHOUSE optical, Japan-based handmade eyewear shop is celebrating its second anniversary. To better commemorate this special day, the brand has invited Maruyama Masahiro,the most popular eyewear brand till date in Japan, to jointly design brand-new eyewear collections. Supervised by Maruyama Masahiro and modeled on benevolent Model MM-0023,the new collections choose a low-key black color and stick to the design concept of ” Non perfect” and “asymmetric”,thus abandoning usual conventional bold design and use of color .

At the same time, the new eyewear is also equipped with metal processing sheet and crafted from metal  hybrid production,thus forming an unique luxury texture. It is now of 10 limited edition and priced at $4980.


MASAHIROMARUYAMA x the WAREHOUSE optical’s joint brand new eyewear style-1


MASAHIROMARUYAMA x the WAREHOUSE optical’s joint brand new eyewear style-2


MASAHIROMARUYAMA x the WAREHOUSE optical’s joint brand new eyewear style-3


MASAHIROMARUYAMA x the WAREHOUSE optical’s joint brand new eyewear style-4


MASAHIROMARUYAMA x the WAREHOUSE optical’s joint brand new eyewear style-5

Oakley x Head Porter Collaborate On A Limited Edition Eyewear-Crosslink Pitch Model .

Oakley x Head Porter has unveiled their collaboration-the launching of a  new limited edition eyewear: “Crosslink Pitch Model” . This subtle dual branding now is available at select locations  of Japan and its features listed as  below: equipped with an interchangeable translucent temple ;  a bespoke eyeglass case embedded  with “Head Porter” label(to commemorate their collaboration) and  so on.

Priced at ¥31,000 JPY (approximately $289 USD),this versatile eyewear piece is believed to carry on a new fashion trend.


Oakley x Head Porter collaborates on “Crosslink Pitch Model”.


Crosslink Pitch Model’s bespoke eyeglass case.

Intimacy With The Nature-Shwood’s “Sea” Eyewear Collection!

As an eyewear manufacturer based in US, Shwood is widely known as utilizing the wood as its product’s material to the fullest.With no exception,Shwood is going to introduce  us its  new “sea” eyewear collection which is made out of real seashells,thus once again carrying its brand spirit out: sourcing the eyewear material from the natural world.

The “Sea” eyewear collection feature as its natural and real seashells shining brightly and colorfully in the sunlight, Fused with high-pressure resign through an in-house casting technique, they are also praised as  unique and perfect presentation of individuality.

The new collections will be launched both  in-store and  online on June 20.


Shwood’s  “Sea” Eyewear Collection-eye-catching color stands out.


Shwood’s  “Sea” Eyewear Collection-1.


Shwood’s  “Sea” Eyewear Collection-2.


Shwood’s  “Sea” Eyewear Collection-3.