Nike Vision Adopts Technology And Innovation In Its 2016 Running Sunglasses Collection.

This  time,Nike Vision initiates  new designing direction  for its eyewear products line with Running Sunglasses Collection. This new range of eyewear  frames are designed to offer speed and comfort  technically designed for  the runners.

Adopting full-dimension, high-tech design and delicately crafted  by state-of -the-art technology, the new sunglasses feature style  and  innovation perfectly combining together,successfully pulling the functionality of the new eyewears  to another better level.  Ideal companion for these  athletes to perform at their best  state and fullest potential.

Have a  detailed look at the new sunglasses campaign images:

The  eyewear campaign is also called “Your Eyes Have Evolved”.


Nike Vision’s  Running  Sunglasses  Collections.


Nike Vision’s  Running  Sunglasses  Collections-1.


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Nike Vision’s  Running  Sunglasses  Collections-2.