Japanese Newly Arising Brand—Vonn Emphasizes Delicate Craftsmanship And Simplicity Aestheticism.

Japanese handmade eyewear is highly popular in Japan even across  the whole world. Although founded  in 2005,Vonn has successfully made its grand way out amid the competition-fierce fashion realm.The brand features simple design,  unnecessary waste avoidance and highlights wearing comfort providence.All its products are of high-quality.

Vonn's Ace Eyewear-1.
Vonn’s Ace Eyewear-1.
Vonn's Ace Eyewear-2.
Vonn’s Ace Eyewear-2.

Ace eyewear is Vonn’s classic art of work. The eyewear designers cleverly combine the clean golden details and the light-weight Japanese acetate together,fully embracing the delicate craftsmanship and simple aestheticism which Japanese eyewear maker have always aspired for.


Vonn's Ace Eyewear-3.
Vonn’s Ace Eyewear-3.