2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Collection Innovated By Carhartt WIP x Retrosuperfuture® .

Always on the hunt for innovation and inspiration.

Carhartt WIP has  launched its  latest 2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Collection which is designed  by its five straight year collaborator-Retrosuperfuture®,the Italian Sunglasses Specialist.The new  collections  introduces a  whole selection of silhouettes which includes  the Genesee ,Seebaldt,Jaycee,Stokely and Brightmoor.

Perfectly fusing the  identity and  style, the  new sunglasses  mix the metallic colors, softer tints, matching lenses and resilient hardware all together.Based on an all-black acetate and  its  resilient zeiss lenses, furnished  with more playful color combinations and high-tech finishings, they are said to be sports-inspired yet casual,both innovative and out of time ,which is an  amazing interpretation of Carhartt WIP’s utilitarian appeal and Retrosuperfuture®’s Italian craftsmanship.

 1Carhartt WIP x Retrosuperfuture® 2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Collection- Genesee.
Carhartt WIP x Retrosuperfuture® 2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Collection-Jaycee.
Carhartt WIP x Retrosuperfuture® 2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Collection-Seebaldt.
Carhartt WIP x Retrosuperfuture® 2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Collection-Stokely.
Carhartt WIP x Retrosuperfuture® 2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Collection-Brightmoor.

All Brand New-Coach 2016 Summer/Fall Latest Eyeglasses Collection.

Persistently striving to hold a pioneering position in the eyewear  industry,Coach recently launches its summer/fall  eyeglasses collection.Inspired  by the once ongoing  ’70s Hollywood Colors Chic,these new collections are of various vintage styles,with a diverse selection of shapes updated in a color palette of bright and soft matte hues.While being brand-new,the products still hold distinctive Coach features,for  example ,the delicate daisy hardware,the  laser-etched Signature Cs,the buckle accents and the  luxe leather wrapping etc.

The whole collection can be  roughly divided into 2 sets:  Sunwear  Collections and Optical collections.Being bold and fashion-forwarded,Sunwear Collections offer  utter UV protection function and are also equipped with gradient lenses .While for the Optical Collections which is elegant and modern,it underlines Coach’s unparalleled  brand spirit: sticking to its authentic styles , at the same time,fulfilling the breakthroughs with its sensitive visions for modern luxury and trendy innovation.


Coach 2016 Summer/Fall Latest Eyeglasses Collection-1


Coach 2016 Summer/Fall Latest Eyeglasses Collection-2


Coach 2016 Summer/Fall Latest Eyeglasses Collection-3


Coach 2016 Summer/Fall Latest Eyeglasses Collection-4


Coach 2016 Summer/Fall Latest Eyeglasses Collection-5


Coach 2016 Summer/Fall Latest Eyeglasses Collection-6



Dolce & Gabbana 2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Collections Advertising Campaign Officially Launched,A Flowery Summer Carnival!

Dolce & Gabbana,the well-known Italian luxury  brand,has officially launched  its   2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Collections Advertising campaign.Since its debut, the eyewear advertising campaign has earned unprecedented favors flooding from different corners of the fashion industry.  The press highly praises it as a big carnival  for  the upcoming summer days.

The famous female models:  He Cong,Paulina Horau,Luma Grothe,Leila Nda….ec and the male model: Aurelien Muller have made their fresh appearance in the campaign,equipped  with the latest eyewear collections from the brand and  dressed in colorful spring/summer clothing. The whole advertising has comprehensively expressed the concepts of Dolce & Gabbana 2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Collections: enthusiasm,independence,chic,uniqueness  and modernization.Even the eyewears’ least detail indicates the universal admiration towards fashion: we are having a big carnival for the upcoming summer days with the most wonderful sunglasses products,don’t  hesitate,roll up your sleeves and join us!

2 Dolce & Gabbana 2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Collections-1

1Dolce & Gabbana 2016 Spring/Summer Eyewear Collections-2





5Wearing different kinds of eyewear collections, the female  model represents various concepts of the latest eyewears: Modernization,Youth,Elegance,Comfort,Optimism and Enthusiasm etc.



While Aurelien Muller with the Dolce & Gabbana’s eyewear  has never been a more gentleman.